Red and Yellow Huming Birds. On afternoon Mornings.

Whats the point of juding people?
I do it.. everyone does, but when you think about it... theres no point.
Why judge someone? Just because their all different and weird.
Its expected for everyone to be different. If we were all the same we would be bored as! And everyone would be on acid to make life a little more entertaining.
If we didnt have that nerd in our class- we wouldnt have that doctor when were older.
And if we didnt have that weirdo crazy fucker, who mixes the chemicals in science- we wouldnt have the backyard drug making junkie when were older, to party large. haha im joking. But you get the point.
Theres pretty much no point, what self enjoyment do we get out of judging what someone says or wears, or thinks? Let them do what they want as long as there not going to kill someone or destroy something. Then its cool. I love weird people; there pretty awsome. We all bag them in class or out of school in our own little closed up groups, but deep down inside we like the weirdo freaks because there entertaining and funny- even though there fuckin annoying.
And theres no such hing as hate. Its just a word. If you were stuck on an island with the person you "hate" you would start talking to them, to build up there trust- so then you could kill them and eat them so you wouldnt die of starvation =P. So theres no such thing. People only kill other people they "hate" because they go through blind anger. Or if they have a mental disorder.
see theres no such thing.
So everyone  get over everything.
Im a very big Hypocrite for writing this, but i go threw different thoughts and emotions during the day; and right now im in the "i love everyone and everything " mood, in about 4 hours ill be FMLing.


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