bye bye bye

Im out.
Thats it.
No more bloglodoghog for another 3 weeks, unless i get my hands on some a computer with internet.
Which is likey.
Yay lots of pretty photos of New Zealand when i come back.


Nathan will be pretty upset :(
No details of my Life, and of my pointless thoughs.


One day, ill find wonderland. And live a fucking beautiful life.

When your little people tell you theres magic, fairies, unicorns, santa, miracles....
Then you grow up and your told its not true....
If you stop believing... youll never see the magic around you.
And every thing turns dull. Look at everything in a different way, and embrace the beauty of every single, simple little thing.
thats magic.

Oh how nice


Sooo... i have to wake up at 3.30 tommorow in the morning, to catch my flight to New Zealand, and then im off on my cruise, for 3 weeks.
Im kind of really excited because i going to buy many cheap clothes :) Ooooh lala.
And every night ill party large! Itll get a but messy.
But im a classy young lady. I wont do anything slly while on bard a boat.
It will be awsome.

Now a shout out to my number one fan on my blog, and only reader NATHAN RONCARI.
You go girl!
The one always reading my stories and opinions and thoughts.
And keeping up to date with my awsome life.

Now, I shall post about you; young lad.

Nathan is like an unbloomed flower.
He gets more and more beautiful everyday as he blooms.

Yeh.....mmmmm....rahhh....yahhh....mmmm yehhh. :)



i hate hate hate girls.
end the


hahhahaa jackson fell off his chair.
so me and burnsy had a laughing fit.
he started crying.
and i lay on the ground laughing
oh lol


School. Spare again. Todays my last day :)
and im off on a cruise to perve at hot boys... hopefully there will be a few on my boat. :)
I should be doing work. But theres no point. And  I got out of my sac (haha I said sac) and out of my German test, only because I got in trouble. Well I wasnt really in trouble. Becasue I didnt do anything wrong, but becasue its me... teachers initialy thought ive done something wrong i got out of my sac.. I said id do it tommorow during class. Only i wont be here. :) SHIFTY AS
So i have had pretty good luck today.
Burnsy and Jackson are stressing over some stupid little motorbike game. Go to classs Burns The James.
Fuck. I hate girls.


Wish List. :)


i seriously have no life



I very much dislike people who dont have friends, and think they can be a smart arse to you. Seriously, no... you have no friends, so if someone is trying to be nice to you... dont be a fuckwit and grease them off. Accept it. Because then maybe people will start liking you...maybe...just maybe.
Look at these pretty pictures i found! :)


I hope everyone reading this watches it!
Its possibly the best show ever made. Im addicted. Series One was the best. Tony was at his peak.
Then series two came... and everything was fucked up. Series three... wow Effy! and all the new crew... Im still getting used to them.. but they all go okay.

And I love love love Cassie off Skins for some unknown reason. I get excited when shes on the my tv. haha .... lesbian much???  Shes awsome though... :)


Im at school during my spare...
And im so bored. Lookbook has bored me, so has MLIA.
So now im on my blog, untill i get bored of this.
Im in the Indonesian class. Thought it would be fun, but there all doing work?? and its monday morning.
gahhhh. Why did i come to school today? I sooo should have slept in.
oh well. Shit Happens.

Cruise on Wednesday morning. woop. Should be fun :)
Tommorows last day of school!

Leo Marry me?

I have a crush on him. Well the younger him.
Hes amazing!
When he was younger he was the biggest sexbomb. (L)
oh my god.!