Sooo... i have to wake up at 3.30 tommorow in the morning, to catch my flight to New Zealand, and then im off on my cruise, for 3 weeks.
Im kind of really excited because i going to buy many cheap clothes :) Ooooh lala.
And every night ill party large! Itll get a but messy.
But im a classy young lady. I wont do anything slly while on bard a boat.
It will be awsome.

Now a shout out to my number one fan on my blog, and only reader NATHAN RONCARI.
You go girl!
The one always reading my stories and opinions and thoughts.
And keeping up to date with my awsome life.

Now, I shall post about you; young lad.

Nathan is like an unbloomed flower.
He gets more and more beautiful everyday as he blooms.

Yeh.....mmmmm....rahhh....yahhh....mmmm yehhh. :)


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