Well i know what i want to say in my head. But it comes out all wrong when i say it. I cant talk! grrrr
i want you for xmas pleaseeeee



Wakeup. Eat smarties in bedside table. Trash your wardrobe for clothes. Public bus. trains. trams. city. See bittys. Laugh. gossip. opshop. discuss plans for night. come up with a plan to get alc. buy cheap clothes that look amazing. take some pictures. nights comming. make up. glam up. get cheap drinks. elevates are calling my name. get mental. loud music. fun people. glittery lighters. smiles. giggles. first drink :) second. third. fourth. fifth. sixth.

Life story bitch :)

top tennn

List of some things i LOVE.
Its not in any particular order.

1. Big Bang Theory!!!!!

2. Amazing Shoes(L)

3. Glitter Nail Polish. YUM

4. Sleep Overs with the sickosss

5. Wearing Pj Pants everywhere you go.

6. Cuddles from someone special

7. kisses

8.Floral Dresses

9. Partying till the AM

10. beach (L)