JAMFEST! JAMFEST! woop woop.
... that reminds me! :O
I made a group on facebook... saying "1..2..woop..woop"
and everyone was saying its "warp..warp"
It is not "warp". The name of the song is called WARPED because of the defenition of the word; to be twisted, bended or disorted. People are stupid. If your not 100% sure about something, dont comment and make your self look like an idiot. Although me just saying that makes me a hypocrite. A big one.

... its pretty late. bed?
mmm nahhh

Its woop woop.
Is any one reading my blog?
Because its pretty lame if im writing this and no ones reading.... gay
Oh well, im bored.

wow thats the first time i have posted my thoughts on this thing, im officially a blogger. YAY?

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