Being a lady? Is there such thing anymore? Its so gross when you see a girl  and she walks around in ugboots and trackies with a ciggarette in her mouth, and  foundation smudged on their elwood jumperss. Its sooo filthy. And when you go out, it seems like dressing like an absaloutle slut is the thing. Are you really that desperate that you have to dress like a hooker when your fat?  And those tight short shorts that show your celulite from every angle. YUCK.  That is the worst !! It is my pet hate when fat chicks where tight shorts and tight tops, and you can see every fold of fat! Im sorry im being such a bitch, but really. Who wants to see this? NO ONE!

  Where are the heels ladies? The amazing dresses? Your french nails? And your good bodies?
Im such a mean blogger :)

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