I dont use tumblr but my awsome friend does and he writes really deep things haha.
heres the link :http://thats-enough-nickelback.tumblr.com/
Heres something so true that i needed to repost! take a read readers. (if i have any)
What defines the ‘popular’ group in high schools, or anywhere for that matter?
Is it good looks? The way you dress?
Because it certainly isn’t personality.
It seems these days, the bitchier you are, or the more girls you sleep with, or the more people you step all over and treat like absolute shit gets you ‘social status points.’
Which begs the question, what the fuck does popularity even mean these days?
“Popular adj:
Liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people or by a particular person or group”
Are they really popular when the only people that love them are themselves?
Seems to me like the word popular these days means ‘noticed’, So why do kids long for the attention and approval of these people, willing to invest time and energy into them even when they wouldn’t lift a finger for you? Adolescence is fucked."-http://thats-enough-nickelback.tumblr.com/


Mystery Bruises said...

fuck i love this, so bloody true!
i like your friends tumblr alot, but your blog is AMAZING! im following you now, hope you dont mind if i reblog some of your amazing pictures, i always link back to the original sources

aniaaa said...

oh thats cool :):)